You can now install my Mastodon Tools extension in Firefox and Chrome.

Current features include:

- instance switcher
- tag explorer

And more to come!

#mastodon #BrowserExtension #webdev #firefox #chrome #OpenSource

sorry about that, i wasn’t making a strange face because of what you said on the team sync meeting, but because i’ve been watching my own camera the whole time, and at all times i am nothing but a horse discovering his own reflection

✨ Pretty. Powerful.

We're making Portfolios more accessible and customizable.

⚡ Add up to 100 posts (up from 24 max)
⚡ Color schemes (light/dark)
⚡ Custom schemes (bg, text)
⚡ Optional View Profile button
⚡ Optional RSS Feeds
⚡ ActivityPub support
⚡ Better Album support

Portfolios allow you to create a custom website of curated posts with powerful customization settings to make it yours.

Special thanks to @NGIZero for funding this feature ❤️ #portfolios

Ok, What Went Wrong? Episode 4 released!…

@zane and I discuss our roadmap for the next services on the home lab, and go over the current network setup.

This is a bit nerdier blog post about my recent migration to CapRover. If you're looking for a self-hosted alternative to Heroku, either for your own project, or to try some of the self-hosted apps it supports, you should give it a try.

#IndieWeb #selfhosted #website #webdev #WebDevelopment #heroku #DigitalOcean


Automattic, the company behind WordPress, is now co-authoring the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress.

The intent is to make WordPress a "first party Fediverse member" on par with Mastodon, Pleroma, and Pixelfed.

WordPress already powers 43% of all websites—and every one is a potential Fediverse server.

Automattic employee @kraft just confirmed this.


This copy of the Webster’s Pocket Computer Dictionary defines hacker as “One who has acquired skill in the use of computers, generally for personal pleasure.”

you's really want my vs code to look like your dad's browser in 2003 huh. ok i guess

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The current debate about React and other front-end frameworks got me thinking about the price developers can pay for loving their tools too much. As someone who built a career in Flash and Flex, I know this lesson from experience.

Recording next episode of Ok, What Went Wrong this afternoon. Homelab and tech podcast with my son @zane and myself.

I think it’s time for an #introduction!

Vernissage is available on the TestFlight for iOS, it's simple #Pixelfed client focused only on photos. You won't find other types of media in it (like movies).

- Simple and clear interface.
- Timeline focused on photos.
- It's 100% free!

Download, play and boost so the whole Fediverse can know about it!

👋 Hey so, I've been coy about the whole #writing thing.

🤔 But y'all astute followers & fediverse folks probably noticed an uptick in all things #OpenSource the past few months, so I'll just go out an say it:

✏️ I'm working with a publisher to write the open source handbook I wish I'd had, when I needed it most. We're in the editing phase now & I'm so humbled, so excited, so in awe of the place we find ourselves, & my opportunity to frame it.


📣 Boosts appreciated.

Woke up in middle of the night to patio that wasn’t draining. Thanks “exploding phone battery dream”, you really saved me there.

We're holding Tailscale Up, our first community conference, May 31 in San Francisco. Have a Tailscale tale of network simplicity, security, & self-determination to share? We'd love to hear it. Talk submissions open through 3/24. Early bird tickets now available. Link for both below.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Since version 1.0, #11ty has had a render plugin built in that you need to enable to use:

This provides you with shortcodes for including other template files within any of your files.

It _also_ provides (as of yet undocumented) a RenderManager class that provides programatic use of the Eleventy.js template engine:

It's this that I have used to provide's ![[slug]] excerpt functionality while tracking relationships.


The folks over at @owa are doing the most important work on and for the web right now. For several years they've been flat-out, full-time, without pay to make browser competition a reality on the mobile web.

Having achieved things I could have only hoped for 2 years ago (DMA mandates engine choice!), they're finally looking to raise a bit of cash to keep going.

If you work on the web, supporting them is an absolute no-brainer:

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